Thursday, December 17, 2009

closer to higher power when flying on airplane?

Just recently, I was discussing with someone the death of the "wrong number" phenomenon. Our various electronic devices are programmed to pretty much eliminate the chance of dialing or receiving a wrong number, except for the rarest of situations. In a way, it makes me sad. Wrong numbers never annoyed me, and it was a nice reminder that people outside of my own personal sphere still existed. I'd often let my imagination wander in my interpretation of who the caller might be.

So by some bizarre chance, about a week after said conversation, I received a "wrong number" email. What a rare bird! The title of this post was taken from the subject line of said email. I think this might actually be my first, and at first glance I thought it was spam that snuck through my filter. But it seemed so personal, and there was no poisonous attachments, or links, or religious suggestions. I wrote back to confirm whether it was a real person or not. I received a response.

"hmmm, odd.  maybe my friend's address is the same as yours but at yahoo or hotmail or something."


So obviously, my goal is now to start a dialogue with this person. She shared some pretty personal things in her accidental first email, so I feel like this might be fertile ground. The doors have been opened!

Not sure where I am going with this. But so far, I'm pretty interested in the possible outcomes. Perhaps I am bored because school is over for the term. But perhaps more will come of it than I think. At least in the form of my own musings. That is almost guaranteed.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

getting back to nature

this is one of the drawings i completed during fall term. it might be a one-liner...i'm not sure yet. i'll think on it.

pretend you don't see the clips on the corners. i have to do some more serious photographing of new work.