Friday, February 12, 2010

but in the end it is a love story.

Dirty Projectors are one of my favorite bands, and this letter was written by the front man of the band, Dave Longstreth, in 2005. I love this, because as much as it can be viewed as simply a letter addressed to Don Henley, it's much more than that - it is an artwork in and of itself. An accompaniment to The Getty Address, the album it speaks of. I see this letter as a part of that "series". If those songs were hung on gallery walls, I would hope this letter would be up on those walls with them.

I think this letter fits well into that grey area between an "artwork" and an "artist statement". A hybrid. Where the words are not just an explanation of what you are looking at, or in this case listening to. But they stand on their own as an important creation.

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