Tuesday, November 2, 2010

across the country in 15 minutes

Across the Country in 15 Minutes from jillian vento on Vimeo.

this video piece is a manifestation of a trip i took this summer, in which i traversed the united states over a one month period via trains. in this edited format, i tried to capture the slow transition of the landscape, from east to west, along a southern route. i am also quite interested in the conflict between the engagement and indifference of the train passengers pertaining to that which was passing through our window views at any given time. often, bits of dialogue take on a new meaning and level of interest when taken out of context. here, i think the context is precisely what makes the words so interesting, regardless of their level of connection to the passing landscape. the context is inextricable.

[note: there are still some edits to be made, for example, the obvious incongruity of the title with the actual duration of the video. this will be fixed. i am also still open to some further manipulation, but for now, i want to get this version out there and ready for feedback, as it is very closed to resolved for me. feedback welcomed and encouraged.]

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  1. Yo JV! Love the video! Towel Town!! Really enjoyed the eavesdropping subtitles. Would be really interesting to see that explored more, filming the landscape and eavesdropping on cellphone calls on the bus, etc. Hearing the voice and seeing the words but not seeing the person is really impactful. I want more!